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Herbaceous Blu

Fruity Green Tea

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Fruity Green Tea

This organic blend is a natural energy booster. It is full of antioxidants and has a very rich source of vitamin C.

Here are some of its benefits:

-Heart healthy

-may improve blood flow

-may lower blood pressure

-supports a healthy immune system

-may reduce inflammation

How to use: Add 2 tsp of this loose blend to 6 oz. of warm to mildly hot water(be sure not to add tea to boiling water because it could burn out the herb's nutrients). Let steep for at least 15 minutes. But this tea can be steeped for up to 4 hours.
Add agave, honey, sugar or drink it as it!

Ingredients: *Hibiscus flowers, *rose hips, *sweet orange peels, *green tea

*= Organic

Does contain caffeine

Disclaimer: This product should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or nursing, or taking high blood pressure medication. Consult with your health care provider before using if you are taking medications or have any health issues.