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Herbaceous Blu

Mud Mask ( Face & Body Scrub)

Mud Mask ( Face & Body Scrub)

Coffee has been used for centuries in natural scrubs all over the world. It is
even gentle enough to rub on one of the most sensitive parts of the body(the face), yet still effective. But dont be fooled, this isnt just any old facial scrub. We have added in a very special blend of herbs and oils to enhance this facial scrub to the MAX!
This scrub is sure to:
•remove any dead skin cells.
•Deeply cleanse the pores.
•Improve blood circulation.
•Even the skin tone(which will result in a natural glow).
• delivers complex nutrients for healthy skin.
• visibly improving texture, tone and radiance.
• Antioxidants deeply nourish the skin( leaving your face healthy and rejuvenated).

Ingredients: Organic Java coffee, Organic cacao powder, Organic Cane sugar, Organic Calendula powder, grapeseed oil.